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Pebble vs. Florentine: Which leather is right for you?

April 23, 2021
Three bags from our Florentine Collection in saddle brown leather.

Pebble Grain and Florentine leather: two of our most iconic materials with distinct characteristics. Some people only wear Florentine handbags. Others swear by Pebble Grain. But if you’re on the fence, deciding between Pebble and Florentine leather, then this definitive guide to these two classic materials is for you.

The Origins

Now, our textured pebble leather has been a mainstay since the ’80s. You may already know that one of our first pebble leather collections is called “All Weather Leather.” This collection earned its name because of its waterproof qualities. Light rain water would roll right off of these textured bags.

Trends change, and leathers get better. Over the years, we’ve constantly updated our pebble leathers to the newest iterations. Most recently, our current Pebble Grain Collection is crafted using an all-new German leather, which is our softest and lightest yet.

Florentine leather is a little bit newer than pebble. This now-iconic collection was first introduced in Spring 2011. This leather, as the name suggests, is Italian.

The Character

Pebble leather is known for, well, its unmistakable pebbled texture. Styles in the Pebble Grain Collection have that signature Vacchetta leather trim. Casual and versatile, this leather is perfect for everyday outfits. And the leather’s natural grain means it’s extra durable and suited to carry you through your busy everyday life.

Rich Florentine leather is a Vacchetta leather with a special character. It truly transforms the longer you wear it. Over time, Florentine leather develops a patina, meaning that its color deepens and grows richer. Looking at two Florentine bags side by side, you’d be able to tell which has been worn for longer (the darker one!). This leather also softens with every time you wear it. Like your favorite ball glove, but way fancier.

Get a closer look at the leather’s grain. First up is Florentine, then the unmistakable texture of Pebble.

Care & Cleaning

The maintenance for these leathers is a little different.

Florentine leather has not been specifically treated for water repellency. So if your Florentine bag gets a little wet, it will appear darker until it dries. On the plus side, the leather has a slightly waxed surface. So you might be able to wipe dirt off of it more easily.

On the other hand, Pebble Grain leather has been treated for water repellency! We still advise wearing with caution on rainy days, as rain can seep in through zippers.

Have you made up your mind? Shop the Florentine Collection and the Pebble Grain Collection.

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