Our Monogram Pendants Are Here

October 22, 2020
Our Monogram Pendants coated in 24k gold.

Our monogram pendants are now available in the full alphabet at These high-quality pieces offer you a new way to make your favorite handbag even more special.

Our jewelry-grade monogram pendants are handmade in Italy using a 24k gold coating. The surface of each letter has an impossibly smooth feel and brilliant shine. The reverse side is delicately embossed with the Dooney & Bourke name. As you turn over each charm in your hand, you’ll be delighted to feel its surprising amount of weight. These pendants are designed to accompany your handbag, but each is a statement piece on its own. Each letter comes covered with a sheath of protective plastic coating, enclosed in its own box.

A monogram charm pendant coated in 24k gold fastened to a handbag.

There are a few ways you can customize your look with a pendant.

Pendants easily clip onto any ring or loop of your choosing. They work just as well on a large tote as they do on a small crossbody. You can make your favorite handbag feel even more special by adorning it with a charm. Or, you can use a charm to breathe some life into an older handbag that needs some extra oomph. Wherever you decide to fasten your charm, it’ll transform your look.

You can also clip these pendants onto your key ring, if that makes more sense for your on-the-go lifestyle. That’s the beauty of personalization. However you choose to style your monogram pendant is entirely up to you.

And as the holiday season is fast approaching, the D&B team has a timely tip: these jewelry-grade pendants also make for great gifts!

Start with your own initials, or consider the initials of your significant other, children, best friend, or special family members. People even choose the first letter of their beloved pet’s name.

Find the right letter for you in our Monogram Pendants Collection.

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